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So, you want to know more about the Guild, do ye? Here's a quick FAQ for people who are a little unclear about stuffs pertaining to this Guild.

#1. What ARE you guys anyway??

The GSFA is a club for people who like to draw Sailormoon Fan Art. It's especially for those who like sharing and showing their work to other people, artists and any other people!

#2. OK, what does the Guild do?

To be honest, not much right now. We're still in the process of setting up and recruiting. The Guild will be a place for people to share their fan art with other people, and they'll be able to meet some other artists too. We'll also choose the Guild Fan Artist Of the Month every month, and feature their work and link them, the whole nine yardies!

#3. What do I need to do to join?

You should fill out the signup form! Be sure to include the location of your fan art, or else I can't let you in because I won't know where your fan art is, or even if you HAVE any!

#4. Do I have to be able to draw really good to get in?

Um, not really I guess! It would be best if you COULD draw really good fan arts, but if you can't that's OK. It should just be a regular hobby. If it's so bad that I can't tell it's from SM, then you probably won't get in! But I don't think that takes TOO much skill, I have seen some REALLY ugly art that can still be recognized as Sailormoon based.

#5. You only use manga images for decoration! Does our art have to be manga-style art?

No, it can be anime or manga style, it just has to be Sailormoon! I prefer drawing in the anime style personally, so it's OK for you guys to draw in the anime way too!

#6. What's with that JupiterFans URL anyway?

Huh? Oh, that's left over from Skeeter's old Sailor Jupiter Fan Club. She didn't want the space to go to waste, and I told her about my idea for the Guild, so she gave this account to me. I can't figure out how to change the URL, so it's JupiterFans for now!!

#7. Who are you? What have you done with the Sailor Jupiter Fan Club?

I didn't do anything with it! Skeeter decided it was too unoriginal to be associated with her name, so she axed it. There are like 50 billion Jupiter clubs online if you want one, so don't cry or anything!!

#8. You use some really neat manga images here! Where can I get them?

All the manga images used here came from Sailor Grub's Sailormoon Manga Images! Sailor Grub is nice enough to give out her manga scans for free, so be sure to visit her and thank her for being so kind!

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