Guild of Sailormoon Fan Artists
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Hi, and welcome to the Guild of Sailormoon Fan Artists! This is an all-new group for people who like to create art based on Naoko Takeuchi's series, Bishoujo Senshi Sailormoon. (or just plain Sailor Moon if you come from North America) If you like to draw, why not give a Sailormoon character a try? If you already draw Sailormoon Fan Arts, then join this fantab organization!

Special Note: If you are looking for the Sailor Jupiter Fan Club, it has officially been disbanded, and Skeeter has turned this space over to me to use as a home base for the Guild. Sorry!

Oh yesh, not everything is posted yet. It should be up within a day or two, a week at most!

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Any questions? E-mail the President, Sailor Serra!

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